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Hong Kong largest cities

VillesPopulationsDistance depuis Hong Kong
Hong Kong7,012,738 habitants0 km
Kowloon2,019,533 habitants4 km
Tsuen Wan288,728 habitants13 km
Yuen Long Kau Hui141,900 habitants24 km
Tung Chung45,000 habitants24 km
Sha Tin21,559 habitants12 km
Tuen Mun16,940 habitants24 km
Tai Po16,302 habitants19 km
Sai Kung11,927 habitants15 km
Yung Shue Wan6,000 habitants9 km
Ngong Ping5,000 habitants28 km
Sok Kwu Wan2,100 habitants9 km
Tai O2,000 habitants32 km
Shek O Village200 habitants9 km
Yung Shue Long0 habitants8 km
Yung Shue Ha0 habitants9 km
Yung Shue Au0 habitants31 km
Yung Shue Au0 habitants21 km
Lung Kwu Sheung Tan0 habitants30 km
Yuen Tun Ha0 habitants17 km
Yuen Tun0 habitants16 km
Yuen Ng Fan0 habitants20 km
Yuen Long San Hui0 habitants23 km
Yuen Long0 habitants24 km
Yuen Leng0 habitants22 km
Yuen Kong San Tsuen0 habitants19 km
Yuen Kong0 habitants19 km
Yuen Chau Kok0 habitants12 km
Yue Kwong Chuen0 habitants3 km
Yue Kok0 habitants20 km
Yiu Tsz Kin0 habitants17 km
Yi Pei Chun0 habitants12 km
Yi Pak0 habitants17 km
Yi O San Tsuen0 habitants34 km
Yi O Kau Tsuen0 habitants34 km
Yi O Hau0 habitants34 km
Yin Ngam0 habitants18 km
Yin Kong0 habitants26 km
Ying Pun Ha0 habitants20 km
Ying Pun0 habitants22 km
Yim Tso Ha0 habitants28 km
Yim Tin0 habitants32 km
Yim Liu Ha0 habitants30 km
Yi Chuen0 habitants15 km
Yeung Uk Tsuen0 habitants25 km
Yeung Uk Tsuen0 habitants25 km
Yeung Siu Hang0 habitants25 km
Yau Yue Wan0 habitants10 km
Yau Yat Tsuen0 habitants6 km
Yau Uk Tsuen0 habitants20 km
Yau Tong0 habitants7 km
Yau Ma Tei0 habitants4 km
Yau Ma Po0 habitants15 km
Yau Ma Hom0 habitants11 km
Yau Kom Tau0 habitants12 km
Yau Kom Tau Village0 habitants13 km
Yan Shau Wai0 habitants27 km
Yam Tsai0 habitants17 km
Yam O0 habitants17 km
Wu Uk0 habitants19 km
Wu Shek Kok0 habitants29 km
Wu Nga Lok Yeung0 habitants26 km
Wu Lei Tau0 habitants14 km
Wu Lei Kiu0 habitants26 km
Wu Kau Tang0 habitants27 km
Wu Chau Tong0 habitants28 km
Wo Yi Hop0 habitants12 km
Wo Tong Kong0 habitants11 km
Wo Tin0 habitants20 km
Wo Sheung Tun0 habitants14 km
Wo Sheung Au0 habitants19 km
Wo Shang Wai0 habitants26 km
Wong Yue Tan0 habitants21 km
Wong Yi Chau0 habitants19 km
Wong Uk Tsuen0 habitants23 km
Wong Uk0 habitants12 km
Wong Uk0 habitants19 km
Wong Tai Sin0 habitants8 km
Wong Nai Uk0 habitants24 km
Wong Nai Tun0 habitants22 km
Wong Nai Tau0 habitants12 km
Wong Nai Fai0 habitants17 km
Wong Mo Ying0 habitants19 km
Wong Mau Kok0 habitants27 km
Wong Lung Hang0 habitants23 km
Wong Keng Tsai0 habitants10 km
Wong Keng Tei0 habitants20 km
Wong Ka Wai0 habitants24 km
Wong Ka Wai0 habitants25 km
Wong Kung Tin0 habitants19 km
Wong Fung Leng0 habitants24 km
Wong Chuk Yeung0 habitants17 km
Wong Chuk Yeung0 habitants14 km
Wong Chuk Wan0 habitants18 km
Wong Chuk Tsuen0 habitants23 km
Wong Chuk Shan0 habitants13 km
Wong Chuk Long0 habitants22 km
Wong Chuk Hang San Wai0 habitants3 km
Wong Chuk Hang Kau Wai0 habitants17 km
Wong Chuk Hang0 habitants22 km

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